About us

ManLop intended to be a tool that facilitated or solved the problems that can cause language barriers across different services.


  • We are

    Our team is composed of professionals who are official translators, graduates in different specialties, and mostly native or bilingual.

  • We offer

    Our services cover all the needs that may arise in communication.
    We provide support to companies, organizations and individuals.

  • We have

    We have translators with over 30 years experience. In total, more than 80 translators located throughout the mainland and islands.

  • We work

    We work in different fields like sworn translation – specialized translation, interpretation or web design in the major world languages.

  • Languages

    More frequently translate from / to the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian … if you don´t see your language contact us.

  • 99%

    Happy Customers

For questions, quote or more information, contact us or visit us at our office we will be happy to assist

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