English – Spanish Interpretation customized services

We offer a customized service with quality, professional and affordable

  • Consecutive / Simultaneous / Liaison

    Use our interpretation services as needed we will study the best choice for different situations

    Presentations, interviews, negotiations, phone calls … the interpreter will make a bridge between the two partners to ensure smooth communication and achieve goals.

    Interpretation: Consecutive / Simultaneous / Accompaniment / Liaison

  • English - Spanish Interpretation customized services

  • Runner

    Need to travel abroad or attend foreign visits, we offer our Runner service.

    With this service, we offer a person that will organize during your stay all your needs as collection, reservation, translation and interpretation, guides, shopping, meetings, locations … a personal assistant.

    Runners are available in different countries. 

  • English - Spanish runner

  • Hostess

    In ManLop we offer a team of Hostesses with languages so they can attend and inform to the public who approaches you in the different events in which you participate:

    Street Marketing – Conferences – Meetings – Assists – Shows – Meeting…

    We have different uniforms.

  • English - Spanish Hostess

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