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    We offer a language service across Europe. Our translators are available throughout the Spanish peninsula, but we can´t have a translator for each language or specialist in any city, that’s impossible.

    If you need our presence, a translator located in your area could be pay a visit.

    Customer Service:

    Monday to Friday:
    10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Central Office: C / Veracruz 19 bajo
    Lucena, Córdoba
    tel.:+34 957 509 904 / 602 440 509


  • We offer an official service with Quality, Smartness and Economic across Europe

    Official translations certified by stamp and signature

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  • We have a team of Authorized Certified Translators, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, lwhich are allowed to stamp and sign documents requiring Certified Translation.

    Certified Translation is required for official documents to be submitted to a Public Authority, Judicial Branch or an Academic Institution.

  • Purchase agreements – Deeds Notary – Expert Reports
  • Judgments – Criminal Records – Citations – Court Orders – Lawsuits
  • Certificate – Records / Company Statutes – Patent
  • ID´s (Passport, Identity Card, Visas, Family Book, etc…)
  • Reports – Medical Certificates
  • Academic Degrees / College – Records – Diplomas
  • Birth Certificate / Death – Marriage Certificates
  • Adoption Paperwork


Complete our form or send your documents by mail to info@manlop.net

Guaranteed response before 24 hours, no-obligation request .

Once you accept the quote, your documents will be translated and will be sent on paper signed and sealed to the address you specify.

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  • We offer an official agency to major LANGUAGES of the world

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  • Certified or non-certified translation?

    Normally, a certified translation is required when going to present official documents to a government agency. The legal translation is signed and stamped by the certified translator ensuring a professional and accurate translation to the original document.

    Certified translations can only made by certified translators accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

    Who translates your documents?

    Manlop is a professional translation agency that guarantees quality work through extensive experience supported by translators. Our team consists of only official sworn translators, graduates in different specialties and in their native or bilingual majority.

    We select native translators for the job. A professional translator working into their mother tongue.

    Who is it designed for?

    We provide support in both languages to companies, organizations and privates. From small text to large documents, certified or specialized translations.

    How much does it cost?

    Before choosing a translator, remember the time and money you have invested in a strategy of export. Translation can be the best way to steer your business to a dynamic future. If you believe that a professional translation is above your means, maybe you are not ready to make the leap.

    What is guaranteed?

    We warrant professionalism, quality, deadlines and confidentiality.

  • Is there a difference between a professional or non-professional translation?

    Choose from an automatic translator, speaking a known language (do not forget to talk is one thing, writing is another) or a professional can be a very big difference. Maybe you get an understandable translation. However who reads it will be aware of the lack of style. The translation can cause interference in understanding or little flowing sentences.

    How long does a translation?

    We only accept proposals agreeing a time which allow us to make a quality translation. Each translation is performed by a single translator to ensure a consistent style throughout the document.

    The translator only translates?

    A translator is the most critical and attentive reader of your documents. The translator can find typos and confusing sentences. So he can improve the original.

    Should we translate everything?

    Before hiring a translation of a large volume of documents, we recommend to specify what is essential. If you remove superfluous text and establishes an order of clarity, will benefit.

    Translation or interpretation?

    If you are working with written documents, need a translator.

    If you wish to communicate directly with others who do not speak your language, then you need an interpreter.

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