sworn translation of a divorce decree is usually necessary when the document has been emitted by a foreign country and has to be used in Spain; in this case the document drafted in a foreign language requires a sworn translation into Spanish. In the opposite case, when a judgement is emitted in Spain and must be used in another country, in these cases a sworn translation into the language of the country of destination will be necessary.

Therefore, in order to be valid before a tribunal or administrative authority in another country, it is necessary for the judgment to be drafted in the language of that country. If it was not written in the language of the country, a sworn translation of the judgment would be essential. The sworn translation must be carried out by a sworn translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)The sworn translator certifies that the translation is true and exact to the original document.

We have a sworn translator in German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese or Ukrainian to carry out the sworn translation of your divorce decree.

Traducción Jurada Sentencia de Divorcio

Official Sworn Translator

When is a sworn translation of a divorce decree necessary?

If the divorce or separation takes place in a foreign country, a certified translation of the divorce decree is required for the recognition of the divorce in another country. Depending on the situation and the existence of children, a certified translation of the birth certificate and the marriage certificate may also be required.

We have sworn translators in different languages (German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese or Ukrainian), who are authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to certify the translations they make.

How can I translate my divorce decree?

It is a quick and easy process!

We just need you to send a scanned copy of your Divorce Decree and request the language you need it to be translated to.

Once you accept our “offer”, we can translate the document from the scanned copy. We do not need the original document. This copy of the original document will be attached to the translation so it is clear the latter corresponds to the former. The whole document will be certified, signed and sealed by a sworn translator authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attach your Divorce Decree!

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    How long will I have to wait to receive a sworn translation of my divorce decree?

    Normally the translation takes approx. 4 working days to arrive in paper format at the indicated address.  If the order is urgent, the deadline can be reduced.

    We offer sworn translation services for divorce decree throughout Spain:

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