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English - Spanish

Official translations, made by sworn translators
authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC).

Sworn Translation English - Spanish


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Official sworn translations for any document that requires it

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SEND and ACCEPT are the "2 steps" you have to follow, wir kümmern uns um den Rest ... we take care of the rest ... we explain it to you:

How to make a sworn translation?

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free, without commitment and in less than 1 hour*

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    These are some of the questions that we frequently receive about translation…

    Do we need the original document?

    DO NOT! We do not need the original document.

    To carry out a sworn translation “we only need the document correctly scanned” or in quality photo.

    The document must be printed together with the translation, remaining clear that the translation corresponds to that document. The translation must be true and accurate to the original document. Finally, everything will be certified, stamped and signed by our sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be sent in paper format to the indicated address.

    What should appear in a sworn translation?

    An OFFICIAL Sworn Translation must meet these 5 points: 📜 it must be printed in PAPER and contains: 🛡️ CERTIFICATION ✍🏻STAMP and SIGNATURE 🎟️ with its 🔢 NUMBER of sworn translator of the Ministry.

    How much does a translation cost?

    Basically, it depends on the following factors:

    • Documentation volume: minimum document, number of documents or number of words, language
    • type or field of the document
    • delivery date / urgency

    What is the payment form?

    You can choose your payment method:

    Sworn Translations

    How is a sworn translation sent?

    According to the urgency, shipment is made through:

    Official sworn translations

    Who makes a sworn translation?

    A sworn translation must be carried out by a sworn translator, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. So, the translator is authorized to certify that the translation is true and accurate to the original document. Granting legal validity to the translation of a document in another language.

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