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Sworn translation Spanish-English, Barcelona


Do you need a sworn translation? We offer sworn translation service throughout Barcelona. Our sworn translators have extensive experience in this field.

Official Sworn Translator Barcelona - Spanish-English Sworn translation

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How do I receive an English-Spanish sworn translation in Barcelona?

We explain:

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    All our sworn translators are authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


    We provide sworn translation support to Tax Consultants, Law Firms, SMEs, Public Institutions as well as Individuals.



    Each sworn translation, with its specific requirements (i.e., number of words, field of study, level of difficulty of the text), requires an offer adjusted to the document. Therefore, we prepare a non-binding offer after reviewing the document.

    What documents must be sworn?

    Official documents written in a foreign language that must be presented before Public Organisms, Universities or Courts, must be translated by a Sworn Translator accredited by the Ministry.

    • Academic titles

    • Language titles

    • Certificates of notes

    • Certificates of registration

    • Academic records

    • Residence Permits

    • Family Books

    • Birth Certificates

    • Marriage certificate

    • Death certificate

    • Wills

    • Passports

    • Driving license

    • Powers of attorney

    • Notarial Scriptures

    • Constitution Deeds

    • Social Statutes

    • Judicial Demands

    • Sentences and Resolutions

    • All types of Contracts

    • All types of Invoices

    • Medical Certificates

    • Criminal Background Certificates

    • Certificate of Sexual Offenses


    These are some of the questions related to Sworn Translator Barcelona

    / Sworn Translator Barcelona

    Do we need the original document?

    DO NOT! we do not need the original document.

    To carry out a sworn translation “we only need the document correctly scanned” or in quality photo.

    The document must be printed together with the translation, remaining clear that the translation corresponds to that document. The translation must be true and accurate to the original document. Finally everything will be certified, stamped and signed by our sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be sent in paper format to the indicated address.

    Official Sworn Translator Barcelona - Spanish-English Sworn translation

    What is the difference between personally going to an office and us?

    The main differences are in TIME, COMFORT and PRICE.

    When going to an office we have to consider the displacements to the place. We also have to take the document to be scanned and they will indicate a day to go through the 2nd time to pick up the translation.

    Through us everything is much easier and without moving. You just have to provide us the scanned document and we send the translation directly to you. Being an ONLINE procedure we can adjust to a much cheaper price.

    What should appear in a sworn translation?

    An OFFICIAL Sworn Translation must meet these 5 points: 📜 it must be printed in PAPER and contains: 🛡️ CERTIFICATION ✍🏻STAMP and SIGNATURE 🎟️ with its 🔢 NUMBER of sworn translator of the Ministry.

    Who makes a sworn translation?

    A sworn translation must be carried out by a sworn translator, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. So, the translator is authorized to certify that the translation is true and accurate to the original document. Granting legal validity to the translation of a document in another language.

    What is the Hague Apostille?

    The Apostille of The Hague is a simplified procedure of legalization or validation of the signature of a public or notarial document. It involves verifying the authenticity of the signature of the document. It is only valid in the signatory countries of the Hague Convention.

    When is the Apostille required?

    We recommend that you report where you have to present the documentation. It is there where they finally accept the procedure. In this way, you guarantee the correct acceptance and only translate what is necessary.

    It is important to do the apostille beforehand because it must be included in the translation.

    Do we offer service only in Barcelona?

    DO NOT! We offer service of sworn translator Barcelona and throughout the Community:

    Hospitalet de LlobregatBadalonaTarrasa
    SabadellMataróSanta Coloma de Gramanet
    Cornellá de LlobregatSan Baudilio de LlobregatSan Cugat del Vallés
    ManresaRubíVillanueva y Geltrú
    El Prat de LlobregatViladecansCasteldefels
    GranollersSardañola del VallésMollet del Vallés
    Esplugas de LlobregatGaváSan Felíu de Llobregat
    VichIgualadaVillafranca del Panadés
    RipolletSan Adrián de BesósMoncada y Reixach
    San Juan DespíBarberá del VallésPremiá de Mar
    San Pedro de RibasSan Vicente dels HortsSitges
    MartorellSan Andrés de la BarcaPineda de Mar
    Molins de ReySworn Translator BarcelonaOlesa de Montserrat
    Castellar del VallésEl MasnouEsparraguera


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